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Wisconsin 60810
June 29 - July 4, 2015
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We stayed at site 90. I finished AT and stayed up while my wife and daughter came up to camp as a family. My daughter is 23 so we really didn't use the local kids geared activities. Our site was very secluded and quiet for most of our time. It didn't have water or sewer but it had a power hookup. All we really wanted to do was have a fire, drink beer, see Wisconsin, and be in the woods. Our site was perfect for that. I'm glad we got the site we did because a lot of the other sites were right on top of each other and there was were a ton of children doing loud kid stuff. If you want quiet you need to look at the map and pick something off to the side. Also, because of the 4th of July holiday the place filled up by the 3rd and was extremely noisy. We actually took off on the 4th because it got so crowded and loud. I can't ding them for that though. It's a campground during a major camping celebration during prime camping time. They're all loud. I really liked their wood delivery service. Very civilized. They had a small camp store where you could get some of the basics like ice, bait, candy bars and a few varieties of beer. They were very busy but nice, polite and efficient. It looked like there's about a million things for kids to do. Again, we didn't actually use those resources but it looked like smaller kids would have a good time. My only gripe was the showers had the push buttons. I wish they were set to 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds. We all had to get into a rhythm for hitting the button that was akin to juggling while soaped up. Also, the showers were getting a little dirty once the place filled up. All in all I'd go back but I'd skip a major holiday and I'd be very careful to pick a secluded spot.
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