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Washington 94869
May 12-30, 2017
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It's a shame that Holiday Park is not maintained because it is a naturally beautiful park. There was no maintenance man on site from the beginning of December to mid-February, and nobody picked up his duties. The bathooms were constantly filthy, and so were the common areas - there's mold, mud, fecal matter, you name it. There is also no heat in the clubhouse, so the only things you are really paying for are your spot to camp and hot water in a disgusting shower. The park manager, Amanda Anderson, ignored any complaints, and she and the camp hosts habitually called paying customers homeless liars, also telling the MPs to step up patrols. I understand that, being part of a huge metroplex with a proportionally huge homeless population, they have had issues here with homeless vets, but it is extremely degrading and unprofessional for the management to go around assuming that everybody else here is in the same boat. Your money is better spent somewhere else, but don't bother with the Fort Lewis campground because it is run by the same people and is just as trashy. I know these camps are pretty low on a base's priority list, but there are active and retired service members staying here - I thought we were a country that respected their military? Shame on JBLM MWR. Oh yeah, not to mention there are hazardous materials that have never been secured the entire time we've been here. There are children staying at this park too! 
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