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9 Aug 15
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We are full timers (38 years retired Army) and have stayed at Military RV parks all over the South and Southwest. We wanted to stay here, but the Defenders (Security Personnel) had me open every bay door, then wanted to come inside and do a complete search of the inside compartments, etc. I understand checking in firearms, but have never been treated quite like this before. We turned around and left instead. The base Commander should reign in the dogs a little didn't realize 70 year old retirees were such a threat!!
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August 12, 2015
You claim to have stayed at FamCamps all over the south and southwest, yet your very first review on this forum is one that bashes SF members and gives bad ratings to the FamCamp you never even saw. Axe to grind???
April 28, 2018
After 38 years in the Army, I would think you'd be used to silly rules that change all the time for NO apparent reason. Did you ever see the park to give it a fair review or just bash it based on the gate guards?
October 05, 2020
As you pull in to Family Campground, there is a sign on the left that says, Stop and check in with the host. I had been driving all day and was tired and didn't see the sign, I was driving the speed limit.

I picked a spot and planned to speak to the host as it was Sunday. After I parked, I saw a man at the entrance looking at me, I waved at him, and he waved for me to come up to his location. I drove my fully self contained 2019 class B Promaster Motorhome to his location and stopped, put on my mask per the COVID mandate, he had no mask on.

He examined my RV and said in an angry and aggressive tone of voice, "you're supposed to stop here and check-in!" His body language was threatening. I said, "I didn't know." He said, "the sign is right there, and you blew right by it!!" >:(

I said in a defensive and guarded tone, "I have been driving all day and am tired, I didn't see the sign." : (

He looked at my RV again and said, "the bathrooms and showers are not available, and you have to have hookups!" I said, "I am fully self-contained and don't need hookups, and have black water and grey water holding tanks." He said, "you have a toilet in there!?" I said, "Yes, I am fully self-contained."

In a rude tone of voice, he said, "Park on the side of the road and get out and sit down on the bench!" >:(

I parked, got out, and sat down on the bench with my mask on per COVID mandate, he never put a mask on the entire time we conversed.

He asked me how many days I would be staying!? I said, "4 nights." He told me the basics for getting signed in on Monday and where to go, gave me the paperwork. He finished up, I got up and left - without - thanking him. I don't think he deserved any recognition or thanks for anything because of how he treated me.

I'm a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma and feel unsafe and guarded here. I don't trust him and worry about the staff at the center where I am going to pay for my space is going to have a similar attitude. I can't just leave as I have been driving all day and have nowhere to go. I may edit this review and add how they treat me.

He is not an approachable man, and I was not mean to him. I strive to be approachable and kind in my conversations. I made an effort to disarm the situation, but he continued to be aggressive and rude.

I don't think this campground is friendly and safe and will debate if I am going to stay more than one night. I don't think it's worth the long drive here to stay for any period.

I wish to note: after I parked near the host site and was hooking up my electrical, a truck with a 5th wheel pulled in without stopping. The host didn't react the same way towards them as he did towards me. The truck and 5th wheel parked, the occupants went to speak to the host. I didn't hear any brash words in any way from the camp host while they had a discussion.

I have been to other campgrounds on other military bases and treated with respect from the hosts, unlike this campground host.
3 results - showing 1 - 3