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Washington 78176
Late Jul - early Aug 2015
(Updated: August 12, 2015)
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Really nice FamCamp with a very nice, helpful host couple. I have 4 minor negatives; 1., no good place to park while registering. How about CE smooth out an area in the dirt to the right of the hosts' site? Or maybe put down some gravel or asphalt to make a spot off the loop road. 2., water pressure was a meager 30 psi. 3., wifi is slow even with strong signal strength, 4., no fenced, grassy area for an off-leash dog run. Hill AFB FamCamp has a nice one with grass and trees. Now to the good stuff...everything else. Quiet park with decent spacing between sites, great auto hobby shop, good DFAC (retirees can eat there), even the Defenders are friendly! For you non-AF types, Defenders are what we affectionately call Security Forces personnel. One section of the FamCamp has trees. If you use satellite, you may not want that section. Sites look to be about 55' long. There is plenty of overflow parking across the loop road behind your site if needed for your tow vehicle or towed (toad) vehicle. No diesel at the base gas station, but there is a gas station a mile or 2 miles east of the base that has diesel. Grand Cooley Dam is about an hour west. Too bad the AF doesn't have a competition for FamCamps like they do DFACs. This place would be a strong contender.
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