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Washington 75315
22 to 25 September 2014
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We arrived at Fairchild AFB on Monday 22 September 2014. Had been told that all motorhome had to enter trough Rambo Road Gate. When we arrived, at the gate, the AP said we should have gone through the Main Gate. This is because we are a Class B motorhome. So Class B’s, use the Main Gate all others Rambo Gate. Arriving at the FamCamp, we were greeted by Dwayne, the FamCamp Host. He is the most energetic and happy Campground Host we ever met. He gave more information, about Fairchild, than I ever expected. He was all helpful and happy at this position. The campground is very nice with pul-throughs, fairly level and three point hookups. Dwayne gave us a Link magazine. We found a special dog wash, at Tanker Tails on post, for $15.00. We have always washed our own dogs but this was had to pass up. So, our dog got a good washing. While that was happening we decided to wash our Class B motorhome. This is the first time we ever used credit card at a car wash. It stopped timing at $10.00, which was just enough time. You could also use dollar bills or quarters, for small vehicles. Shopped at the BX and Commissary and then went to pick up our dog, and was she clean! The wife washed three weeks of dirty clothes. The washer and dryers are all clean and working well. The washer cost $0.75 and dryer $0.50 each use. We were told we could eat at the dining facility, Warrior Inn Dining. We went for dinner Wednesday for Pot Roast. We arrived about 10 minutes after they started serving, so everything should be of good standard. You pay for each item individually taken. Nice looking dinning area BUT the food was all COLD and some of the toughest pot roast we ever had, including a corn-on-the-cob was cold. This has to be the ONLY disappointment of our stay! If this is what our service personnel are expected to be eating, then our military has a problem.
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