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Washington 126312
August 18-28 and Sept 12-15 2014
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This is an older park that is totally covered with trees. The cable TV takes a special box that will not work in most motor homes, due to the entertainment systems. You would think that a customer as large as this base would be able to get the cable company to provide unscrambled cable channels. Satellite systems will not work due to the trees that cover everything. We had problems with the power when we first arrived and the staff sent the repair people to the wrong campsite. Finally we were moved to a site that had a working power system. The campsites are not cleaned at all. There is trash left over from previous campers and ashes from years past fires all over the ground. We stay here because of children and grandchildren living in the area. Lake side campsites which are more expensive do not have a view of the lake because of the trees.
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September 24, 2015
Some previous reviews did have satellite TV reception. We have stayed twice and had satellite reception, once using our roof mounted dish and once using our tripod mounted dish. Ask for a satellite friendly site when making reservation.
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