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Washington 129419
June 19-26, 2013
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GOOD: Had nice ocean views from some of the RV sites (if you have a rear window, or long enough cords/hoses to pull in forward.) The cottages looked nice. There are hotel rooms available, but we didn't check them out. There is beach access from the north end of the campground (it's a bit of a hill, as the campground sits on a bluff). Movie theater showed 4 movies/day. The area is flat, so bicycling around the campground would be easy. Cardio Room had stair steppers/treadmill/bicycles. There is a laundry room. Showers (4) are off the bathroom. You are issued a key card for the bathroom, but you don't need it as the door does not lock. There's a hot tub and sauna (but I didn't check it out.) Restaurant, bar, gift shop, public computers all near the registration area. BAD: Low voltage issues in Space #35. Using the toaster took the 110 down to 101. Using the microwave when a small heater was running would set off the alarm on the voltage monitor. Some of the power pedestals elsewhere in the campground were "safetied out" and they were in the process of replacing them. However, it did not appear they were upgrading the wire. Overall, the resort is aging and could use some TLC, but it was a pleasant location and a good value. We would return.
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May 23, 2019
This review was to funny. We just stayed here in late May of 2019, in space 35, and the voltage is STILL bad!
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