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Washington 94726
August 2012-February 2013
(Updated: February 16, 2013)
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The showers here are disgusting, and dirty!!! The facility manager NEVER cleans them. In fact, the facility maintenance personnel here NEVER clean anything. The berry briars and grass grow out of control, in a 5 month period they mowed the grass one time. The trees drop HUGE limbs on your rig due to the park NEVER cutting the limbs, and also the pine needles get in every crevice of your RV and your car. BE PREPARED to step in dog crap all day since the manager does not regulate the animal policy. There is supposed to be a leash law here in the park, but that is not enforced. Dogs run wild and POOP everywhere. My 4 has gotten dog crap on him numerous times from playing outside and tripping in it. The water and power go out here unexplainable all the time! The park had a electrician come out and mess with the power box and do maintenance, and my neighbor's dog ended up getting shocked with an INSANE amount of voltage going through his rig. The electrician came over and said he did not know what could have caused that, and all the electrician said was, "That is not good!". If you are going to stay here, this better be your last resort, or make it a short visit! Also, the rates just went up to $504 dollars a month for a terrible park with no benefits to stay here. Plus the $504 dollars only covers a 28 day stay. When I questioned the park manager why the price had DOUBLED, he told me the JBLM wants to make money off the campers for what they updated. All I can say to that is, "What updates???" This park is charging way more than a good park with amenities such as a pool, hot tub, and clean. Oh and I almost forgot. Right out of the front gate on Bridgeport you will see drug deals, gang activity, crime, and the police are constantly arresting people. The only safe place in the area is on base. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE... Good RV parks include: Rainier View-Graham, WA, Cedar Glen-Poulsbo, WA, Eagle Tree-Poulsbo, WA. These are just a few in the area. If you want a good vacation, take your RV to Astoria-Seaside, OR and stay at a RV park on the coast.
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