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Washington 126434
Aug.-Sept. 2012
(Updated: October 14, 2012)
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Very much a 'vacation spot' vs those of us that are full-time...we had to move 4 times the first two weeks! The Adventure Center store is stocked and people were pleasant and accommodating but their reservation system sucks! 2 RV's were going to have literally flip sites for one day before one couple left!!-the RV'ers worked it out. They need to update their systems! Most sites were sorta flat but some were way uneven. The lake with fishing and party on boats was noisy some days and some military helicopter practice could be watched. I picked up trash in every site we were in but then watched them blow leaves on empty sites the last visit thru. Watch out for tree sap in many sites and you can tell they haven't ever washed a table there. You can have mail or UPS/FED-Ex delivered at Adventure Center. Our Verizon MI-FI was fine as you have to go to commons room to get wi-fi. Both sets of camphosts were visible and available and helpful. 2 HUGE dog parks on main base and the Pet Brigade offers many services like kenneling or baths etc. We would come back here again vs McChord and just try to make reservations 6 months in advance!
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