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Washington 126312
Aug 13-24, 2012
(Updated: August 27, 2012)
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Stayed there two years and both times the reservation was messed up. They use a computer method and a big book where they line out sites taken. This year, I made a reservation, then called up well in advance to modify and was told it was OK. Once I got there, checked in and looked to extend another day and was told that even my first modification was not OK. The gray haired woman behind the desk was RUDE RUDE RUDE and basically told me that their information was in conflict so I could not extend and it was just too bad for me. So in essence, their mistake, I had to cut my stay short. There is no excuse for this sort of thing. I also was hassled when returning the cable box regarding a missing piece that we never got when we checked the unit out. So, beware if you are thinking of staying here. Your reservation will likely be goofed up and you will not be treated well. I like the setting but I do not like being treated so horribly while here. The gray haired woman was unwilling to discuss the screw up with me further and basically just shut me down. There is no excuse to be this way and once there, they should do what they can to accommodate vets once we are there. Hopefully this situation will improve as I really like staying at Ft. Lewis.
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