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Washington 118805
August 14-16, 2012
(Updated: August 17, 2012)
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I have to agree with parts of many of the existing reviews. We have found our brief, mid-week stay to be a good one. The sites ARE close together. I understand that this is a RECREATION area, and it is busy with folks playing and having an active time. The exterior maintenance of the buildings is very good. There is attention being paid to the playground and the lawns. The marina appears to be very well run, and the equipment is in good to excellent condition. The Marina staff were thorough and on the ball. The Cafe in the "Lodge" is just fine, although I am not sure how they manage if there is a very busy time. The burgers were good and the fries top notch. Office staff were friendly and knowledgeable. That is the good ... now for the bad. The women's bathroom and shower was awful. On a Thursday at about noon, it was littered, muddy and in poor condition. The handicapped shower equipment was broken and on the floor. One of the sink faucets was unable to be shut off. Dressing room curtains were torn, one toilet bowl sagging (but useable) ... just not at all what I expected, compared to the outdoor experience. We have been warned that on the weekends there are large groups who party loudly and long past quiet time. There is no camp host here, just a caretaker. Perhaps that is why some long-term campers have been allowed to accumulate lots of junk piled under and around their units. Most sites are not bad, but I had to empty a tote filled with water & dirty dishes that had apparently been sitting outside my neighbor's rig for most of the week. It was breeding mosquitoes!! I hate to sound like a crab, but I am not used to seeing this kind of behavior at any military facility, on or off base. This facility could be a gem ... but there are some things that need to be looked at with fresh eyes.
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