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June - July 2012
(Updated: July 03, 2012)
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HEADS UP: the MCChord Fam Camp will be CLOSED during the McChord Air Show July 2012. Over the years Roy has done a great job of improving the McChord FamCamp. June-July 2012 the bathhouse/laundry room is closed. It is being redone and will be a great improvement. The Fam Camp will be closed for the McChord Air Show believe dates are 20 - 23 July. Check Joint Base Lewis-McCord's web page for information regarding the Air Show. ALL RVers from the FamCamp will be moved to the McChord Commissary parking lot. The McCord camp ground will be closed and off limits to everyone during the Air Show. The upper RV camping area (the upper loop) are being up graded to include 50A service. All RV spaces have E/S/W now. Only problem is the old crusty "volunteer" who hangs around the office and camp ground. He needs to improve his attitude and customer relations. He is NOT a MWR employee or a host. But, acts like he is. Ron told us that he, the crusty old guy, has helped fix many things at the camp ground. But, this does not excuse his being rude to people and making comments that are out of line about camper's dogs, tent campers, children etc. Again he is not employed there and should keep his mouth shut. To clarify: Ron is the manager and he has done many great things to improve the camp ground. Roy is the old crusty guy who hangs around Ron. Roy needs to improve his customer skills and refrain from making rude comments regarding camper's dogs, kids, etc. Roy is not an employee at the camp ground. Nor, is he a host. But he acts like he runs the place. Another wanna be. Since campground has been taken over by Fort Lewis, Ron (the manager) is waiting for the day for the prices to go up. I have to agree with him..the price will go up.
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