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Washington 94726
June 18 - July 11, 2011
(Updated: July 15, 2011)
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I enjoyed our stay at this famcamp. The reason that I marked Cleanliness down was because both the men's and women's showers need funds invested into them for upgrading. The floor in both need work. Also the women's has problem draining. The Facilities were marked down because we were not allowed to keep our 8 foot tag along trailer on our site, or within sight. As a 20' long van we need the extra storage. The two combined equal 30 feet in length, shorter than most coaches. We were informed that we could not keep our trailer on site (#31), (W&E), because in case of a fire we might not be able to get out. I agree that limits need to be placed on trailers, because some people go overboard when combining long trailers with Coaches or long Class C's. The rule says ALL cargo trailers need to be in the main storage area BUT boat trailers and toads are able to be kept on site. GO FIGURE! We love the (W&E) sites being set back into the trees and separated by vegetation. We have stayed in plenty of parking lot style rv parks, this is a pleasant change. We had plenty of deer and sighted coyotes. We will be back. If you are here the night of July 4th, we recommend the fireworks display at Fort Lewis. We will be back any time we have a reason to be in the area.
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