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June 20, 2011 - June 27, 2011
(Updated: July 04, 2011)
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Spent a week at the camp ground for a family reunion and stayed in a full hook up site. We had a large group of about 50 people ranging from 6 months to 60 plus years of age. On top of that we where spread out from the yurt to the tent sites up to the cabins and back to the cottages. The staff at the facility were absolutely wonderful. Judy, Mike, Brandon, Travis and all the other wonderful employees went out of the way to make sure anything we needed was given to us if possible. I have seen comments in reviews about the bathrooms. The bathrooms ARE clean. In the week that we used them I never encountered a bug while showering or using the toilet! When the toilet paper ran out, I simply went down to the office and advised them, and they immediately fixed the problem. They have a machine similar to a pressure washer that sterilizes the bathrooms when cleaning. Instead of being irritated at the staff for the mess in the bathroom look around at the patrons, they are the ones making the mess! Honey buckets are located around the property and again are as clean as the guests that are using them! It seems that Friday is cleaning day for them. The showers you do have to push for warm/hot water. I am sure it is much better than what our men and women are getting out in the field so we should be happy with it. Just keep pushing every few seconds and your water will stay on, not a big deal. Water boat rentals are inexpensive, and renting the BBQ for the week was also a great investment. This camp ground is amazing. If you do not like it, check out a State camp ground then you will learn to appreciate things a little more. Thank you to Fairchild AFB and the staff for making our vacation extra special. You will always be a special memory to our family reunion.
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