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Washington 90139
June 2011
(Updated: June 29, 2011)
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Bottom Line: I would stay here again, but with the plethora of Camping spots in Washington, I would check out my other options before staying here again. Pros: The Staff was friendly, welcoming and helpful. The people that staff the main office were helpful and friendly to deal with. The Camp store prices are reasonable, as compared to most camp stores that will charge astronomical prices. The prices here were reasonable, albeit a small selection. A good selection of recreation gear is available for rent. Row Boats, Bikes, Canoes, Balls, Croquet, Disc Golf, Camping gear, the prices are reasonable. Playground equipment is new, and really nice. My kids enjoyed it. Cons: Quiet time seems to be more of a suggestion than a requirement. Check and see if the Sea Cadets will be there while you are there. They PT( LOUDLY) at 0500. The Sea Cadets also spent there days marching near our campsite, and reciting the General orders to a sentry. It was cute the first time, but after a couple of hours listening to kids screaming general gets a little old. The Sea Cadet Group also knows no boundaries, with the size of the park, they found it necessary to congregate near camp ground. There is not much in the way of hiking available on station. A majority of hiking trails are closed. No swimming location on station. Despite the lakes being "Stocked" no one in my group, or anyone we talked to at the lake had any luck the entirety of our stay. Not all recreation facilities are available. We found out after we rented the disc golf gear, that the course was being hydro seeded. Half the course was unplayable. I only saw one volley ball court...which is only a problem if you love volleyball, and another group is on the the exact moment you want to play.
Overall, we enjoyed our time here. I would recommend checking to see if the Sea cadets will be there when you are there. They are loud, and they are active from 0500 until 2000. I was surprised to see them still marching at 2000. I would also recommend getting your firewood from the gas station outside Jim Creek or from the grocery store in town. It is three cents cheaper than MWR's but much larger. We burned through three bundles of MWR wood our first night, and two from the gas station on subsequent nights. The new Showers are nice, heated and clean. The private room has a toilet, sink and shower. They are nice. The other shower facility on station is clean, but is old and decapitated. The camp grounds are nice, when it is not busy. When it gets busy, there is not a lot of separation between you and your neighbors. Some neighbors don't understand being in a valley, with no ambient noise, your bass will travel for miles. Security was not helpful with this issue.
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July 02, 2013
Since new management of Jim Creek arrived in 2012, the Sea Cadet Drill Weekends have been heavily restricted. All the hiking trails are open, over 6 miles of trails! Presently there is no swimming location, a swimming location has been located and is being reviewed for safety at Twin Lakes. In the meantime, Jim Creek is allowed to be entered usually after July 1st. The frisbee golf course is open, all 9 holes. As for firewood, we have a supplier that gives us larger bundles. Our firewood is a few cents more expensive but it conveniently fits in our wood burning stoves without more cutting required. The old shower house is clean and is being renovated in October of 2014. Hopefully you will come visit us again to see our new dog park, Bigfoot Croquet, docks, playground (July 2013), 35 ft climbing wall and other fun activities.
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