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Washington 72597
Jul;y 26th and 27th, 2010
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The camp is well located, away from traffic, nestled under the trees. Beautiful setting! Our site was on the back row with a lot of room behind us. Great place for a gathering of friends whom we hadn't seen in a while. I hope our experience was an abnormality, however: We made reservations by phone for two nights. Prior to our arrival, local friends checked on the reservations, and after some searching, the reservations were found and confirmed. We arrived at the camp about 4:45. There was no one in the office, the camp host was not there, and the assistant camp host was also missing. There was no posting on the door as to which site we should be in. After waiting about twenty minutes, we decided to take a vacant spot and hope for the best. About 5:30, the assistant camp host showed up, but he was little help. He couldn't find us on the reservation list, but said we could stay where we were for the night, but may have to move the next day. The next morning, the camp host was in the office. He told us we could stay where we were, and that he had come by the RV the night before about 7:30. At that time, we were out doing some shopping. There was no note on the door or anything to let us know our status. The envelope with the registration sheet in it was also supposed to have a list of camp rules in it. The registration asked for a signature stating that we understood and would comply with these rules. I refused to sign a statement saying that I understood and would comply with rules about which I knew nothing. The bathroom and shower doors had combination's, but we were not provided with the combination's until I asked. They were not on any of the printed information. There were satellites antennas all over; however, there was no indication as to which were Dish and which were Direct TV. This information also was not printed anywhere. When I did get the correct hookup, I still could not get satellite TV. Sites could have used a good weed whacking and the area needed a good cleanup. From the other visitors' comments, I'm sure we just hit them on a bad day. I certainly hope so.
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