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Washington 126312
Sep 2007
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Such a pretty park, but so ill operated by the staff. One can easily tell that they do not have a vested interest in the operation. I was to have a 14 day reservation. When I arrived, was informed that I only had a 6 day reservation with no explanation. I was informed I could go and sit in the hold over area with no facilities if I so desired. I explained that was not satisfactory for their mistake. I was then instructed to return when the six days were up and maybe the party that was to take the space I was assigned when I left, would cancel and I could maybe stay a few days more. I went back several days before date to leave and asked for another site for another week. With much fuss and to their dissatisfaction after several visits, I was given another site. Nearly every time I went in for assistance I would have to wait for the attendant to either finish eating or get off her cell phone. It seems when someone request a space, the name is entered in their log. There were empty spaces for several days, yet they say "they are full". When I would check why they were empty, the answer is some one is arriving for that space, even is it is several days away. When we had to vacate our first space it was empty for one day then occupied for one day, then empty again. I was also informed they will not put my name on the next open space, even if they made the mistake. I also overheard two of the staff talking about holding a space for a past host, just to see if he likes it, I took that to mean they gave him a reservation but were holding another space in case he liked it better. I asked her if she can do that she should be able to put me in to an up coming empty space. She restated she will not do that, I would have to keep checking back with her. There seems to be a double standard at times and for most of the time ill management. I tried to talk with the manager but she would not return my call. Others campers in the park also had the same opinion of the mismanagement of the park. There is a limit on the number of days one can stay. Others in the camp who had been there several times said there is a Beaver motorhome owned by a chaplain that is permitted to remain in the camp for many months at a time. It seems not everyone gets a fair shake. The fore mentioned coach was there when I arrived and was there when I left. The laundry, shower facility nearest the camp entrance was dirty. The washing machines could use a through wiping down and the floors a good moping, some real dark areas in the corners. I do not understand why they have to be locked in the evenings. A van pulled into an adjacent lot to mine and three women got out and started going over the area with a metal detector and garden hand tools. I approached and asked if they were park residents and they said they were not. I suggested they should check with the camp office. Since they did not leave I drove to the park office. Someone in a truck came by and asked if I was the one causing the trouble, complaining to the office. I take this as a security breach, by allowing non park residents to wander through the park. I did see the Ft Lewis MP's twice drive through the park, and I'm sure other times I did not observe them. It looked like there were more than one host, but I do not know what their full duties were. Management needs to be more involved.
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