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Washington 98185
July 2021
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Holiday Park is beautiful. It's within a pine forest and you can even smell the pine in the air. Trees, trees and more trees. Keep that in mind when you make your decision to come here. Some sites are flanked on either side of the entrance with trees and others are somewhat easier. We were in site 37. It's close to the entrance to the park, but you have go through the entire park to get to it. Some of the roads you have to go on are skinny, curvy and, did I mention, full of trees. But, once you get settled it is great! Shaded, cooler than the temps out in the city, quiet (except for the occasional plane taking off or landing) and very relaxing. The sites are far apart in this section. You feel like in you're in the woods by yourself. Our first day here was the last day of the horrific heat wave in the PNW. It was 99 here in the shade. We arrived early to beat the heat, but the people that had this site were still here (12:30pm). They took 1 1/2 hours to move out while we sat with the engine running (check out is 11:00). Then, we had to jump through hoops of fire to get this rig in this site. Once we were settled we discovered that one leg of the 50amp was low voltage and we could only run one a/c. It didn't get resolved until the next morning because it required a new breaker and they didn't have one. The office is closed on Sunday and Monday - you better know your site number and how to get to it if you're going to arrive when the office is closed. We would come back again and again.
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