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Washington 126312
September 12-26, 2019
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Site 311....It was excited staying here because I was stationed here back in 1994-1995 on the way to Germany. The rates were ok except we paid 5 dollars more for a water sight with pull thru, which I was ok to pay, except there is no view of the water. The complaint that I have is that there was tall trees and overgrown brush prohibiting any view of the water. You have no idea it’s even there. There was an old trail about 30 feet from sight, to the water, but it was unusable because of the overgrowth. Plus we had to park our RV on the opposite direction, not toward the water, because the hook ups were on the water side and the road is one way. Even if I turned around and went in the wrong way, we would be opening our door to the sewer and electric connects. Very poor planning. A lot of the sights are all screwed up this way, and it was so disappointing. I can say that the recreation office and store was awesome though and wish I felt the same for our sight. It seems that this stuff only happens at Army facilities rather than the other military camps, since we have been traveling full Time. So if you stay here make sure you get a full water site with a view to not feel taken advantage of. BTW: we do love the military fam camps.
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