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Washington 75466
August 5,2018 - August 17, 2018
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Security on this base is tight. They do 100% ID check and they will search your rig. Obviously the reason for this is to protect the soldiers on the base and the base itself, I have no problem with it. Hopefully, you don't have a problem with it either. This is not a resort by any stretch but it is a fine place to hang your hat while visiting the Spokane area or even passing through. The park is quiet and clean - even though it is very close to the tarmac. Only once in 12 days did we experience noise from fighter jets. The sites are level and the hookups are convenient. Most sites are very close together but there are a few that have a little more space between them. We were lucky enough to get one that had some elbow room and it was very comfortable. This would be a 'pleasing to look at' campground if they had any rain to make the grass green. But, it is so painfully dry that what grass there would be is dead giving the campground a neglected look. It is NOT neglected. The hosts seem to be very active within the campground by checking on cleanliness of the laundry, bathrooms, the sites as people left, etc. We enjoyed our stay here and would go back again.
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