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Washington 90030
Jun 17, 2018
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This is a great place; we live locally, so we have not camped there, but we have been there often as day users. The place is clean, the camp staff is friendly and helpful. The lakes are smallish - probably a good place to take your little kids? A gorgeous area. Be careful, though, on the trails. Yesterday I hiked the trail from the lake to Cub Camp, mostly by myself. I saw the trail data - not much overall elevation gain. I thought it'd be easy. It wasn't. The trail was overgrown, trees were down across the trail, the trail goes through active creek beds (slippery), some of the stream crossings were fine, others were rickety. I was an idiot, too, to think of hiking this by myself, and I didn't have the 10 Essentials. A hiking pole would have helped for balance... It's easier hiking up toward Cub Camp, if you are going to do something like a car shuttle. There are brief views of the lakes, but the trail doesn't have any real exciting destination. Although it is kind of amazing to be out in the middle of the forest, without any of the crowds of hikers that you tend to see in other parks. Jim Creek is a wonderful place! It *is* kind of out in the country, so if you want to be near urban life, this won't work for you. But it's so gorgeous! Just be careful if you take the lake trail...
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