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Washington 126312
June 13, 2018
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For a day and a half we called both reservation numbers with no answer or return call. After a day the message boxes were full. When we did get through we asked for 2 days but were not given a space number and told to check in the morning for a third day. When we arrived they had not put us on the reservation/sign-in board. The camp host had no knowledge of our reservation and assigned us one of three spaces listed as available. When we checked in the morning for a third day we were told we weren't in our assigned space and we needed to move. And if we wanted a third day we'd have to move a third time. We said we'd leave as three moves in three days was poor treatment. When we asked for our refund of the unused second day they said no. There were three women clerks and zero apology. We're retired military with extensive RV experience. We assume their bad behavior is because "they can" -- they're not in it to make money or win customer approval. This was a real MASH episode of military inaptitude, 
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