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25 Sep - 2 Oct 2017
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Stayed here for a week and will be back. Yes there are some issues i.e. the utilities hook-ups are all screwy i.e. our water and elect is on the right side of the coach and the sewer's on the left side, no big deal just run hose n power cords under the coach. Yes there are more homesteaders then transit campers. Yes the road is gravel, but not really dusty or potholed. Over all staff in office was great and pleasant to deal with, made 2 suggestions, 1) they need a map of the campground to show where and how to get to your site, and 2) a map of the base with i.e. PX Commissary, and other items on it would be nice. As to previous post about a lot of turns to get here, once on base I made a right, a left, a right and then a left, not hard at all. As to the homesteaders, this seems to be a common issue in most if not all Family Camps no matter the branch. In one aspect I can see it because FamCamps are a Non-Appropriated Fund function and they need to break even of show a profit in order to stay viable and continue their mission to support the troops. In this aspect having homesteaders provides them with a steady stream of funds to continue their mission.
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