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Virginia 69395
June 2017
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On our annual trip south to the Outer Banks, we spent 2 days on our southern ride and 2 days on our northern one. Really enjoyed our stay. On our southern trip we were lucky to have been placed on the sites overlooking the Potomac River. It was spectacular. On our ride back up north we were at the bottom of the hill near the entry gate. The sites were clean with new outdoor furniture on them. Nice fire pits. The base was awesome. One of the bests PX's I've been too. Very nice commissary too. We are going to come back here next year and stay a little longer on the way down. Staff at the rec center were very nice and helpful. Just a couple issues, this is a review site, right? Both sites were newly cemented pads. Neither was level. Kind of strange I thought. The one at the bottom of the hill was way off. Entering and exiting the base there were a couple exits off of 95. When we were leaving the way down, navigation took us out the southern gate. When we left, there were warning signs of a low bridge. It looked like if you were taking the 95 south exit you were ok, but if you continued on you were going to hit the bridge. Well, the bridge was before the 95 south exit. It said 13'4"'s. Our 5th wheel is 13'6". I was lucky enough to have my son behind me and we crawled under the bridge and made it. But I won't come back through there again. It's exit 161. Overall a great campground. 
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