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Dec 2 - 7, 2016
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Stayed here again during the first week of December 2016. We wanted to see the Grand Illumination in Williamsburg and do a little Christmas Shopping. As usual we got stuck in the Yankee Candle Mall. That didn't deter us for dining out. The wife followed up on meeting me at the Campground/RV Park the evening I checked in. Thank God we are from Richmond Virginia and that it only took an hour to get there. She left her ID Card at home on the table. Had to use my bike to peddle to the Main Gate and prove she was my spouse. Eventually, they let her in and I had to peddle my bike back to the RV Park. It was in the high 30s and my fingers were numb for quite a while after I got back to our RV. Not Funny. Earlier, I had stopped at a RV Center in Richmond and discovered that I didn't have my ID Card. I had left it at a storage facility on another military facility and that is where I lost my ID Card. Raced back to that location and no one had turned it in. Had to get a new ID Card. Luckily, the Pass and Tag office was still open. I was the last customer and they did not complain. So December 2nd did not start out all that well, but Cheatham Annex was so nice to get to. All my necessary paper work was waiting for me at the Main Gate. I had already had reservations for about two months and knew what site I was assigned. I always carry eight 2 X 10 X 12 inch treated boards for leveling the RV if necessary. I have automatic leveling at the push of a button, and the boards reduces the height the levelers have to go up to get the unit level. Actually, I have only discovered one pad that was really out of whack and always make sure that I did not ask for that spot again. It is easy to ask for the space one wants to use. The RV Park has never been full at any time of the year. Hunting season for deer has a few more spaces being used for the season, but never to the point of having to worry about being able to get in. Found out why the digital locks were placed on the bathroom doors. It appears that some adults let their kids go to them on their own and the bathrooms were trashed. I mean trashed. It is now possible to determine who is responsible for trashing the bathrooms. I usually, ask for spaces on the front row across from the bathrooms and I have noticed that the staff and or maintenance personnel clean those facilities at least one to two times daily. I guess depending of the use of any assigned bathroom. I believe no one can complain about the service at Cheatham. The NEX Service Station/Mini Mart carries a lot of supplies for campers and the almost Class 6 Store inside should meet anyone's alcoholic needs. The staff there are super friendly and goes out of their way to assist you. We have Verizon as our cellphone service and have not found any dead spots on Cheatham Annex. We carry a Verizon Upgrade Modem to ensure that we can use our Laptops and IPADS without worry of someone hacking our financial information. No problems yet. We will be back to the Best kept secret in the Navy. 
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