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Virginia 172231
27 April - 4 May 2016
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Great Famcamp.  W/E/S all solid.  Our 40' MH fit well in the assigned site. The campground was pretty empty during most of our stay, but nearly full over the weekend.  The Rec Office staff told me they stay pretty full after Memorial Day.  For those who don't have an RV, at both the new and the older areas they have pretty amazing "cabins" that go all the way up to five bedrooms if I remember correctly.  The Cheatham Annex recreational facility is wonderful, with pond/lake access, views of the York River, hiking trails, and a golf course.  We don't golf so can't address quality of the course.  We were here for Cheryl's William & Mary Reunion and the location is great for access to the college and the other Williamsburg attractions.  Two items kept me from rating the facilities higher.  1. Like so many Famcamps with concrete pads, many were horribly un-level. I don't understand why a base will spend a great deal of money for concrete pads and do such a poor job - you only need a 2 percent grade or a gentle crest in the middle to get the pad to drain.  2. WiFi is poorly set-up.  They use directional antennas which are pointed to the dozen cabins and away from the many RV sites.  Camp Host told me she had addressed it with the base, but did not know if any adjustments would be made.  As others have mentioned the campground is in mostly dead-zone for cell service.  We were able to use our AT&T phones for voice about half the time, but data strength signal was not there.  Mixed opinions on whether this is a good or bad thing :-)
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