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Virginia 69395
Jun 15-20, 2016
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Although the campground is beautiful, there are too many downfall for us to go back.  We made our reservations 1 month out and were told that we would have to move campsites during our stay.  BUT as the time go closer there would be a possibility that we would be able to stay in one camp site.  Did not happen.  We were in Campsite 7 for 2 nights, moved to Campsite 6 for 1 night and then to a pull through (more money) for 2 nights.  You have to move by noon (not 1300 as listed on the website and not on any paperwork we were given). On the first move day, the person in the site 6 was not there and we could not move. Still thinking that we had until 1300, we were waiting for them to move. At 1245, I received a call from the desk and was told to move immediately.  I told him we could not move until site 6 was empty and he told me to pack up and take our trailer to the pier area and wait.  There are no hook ups at the pier and with the high temps and humidity and 2 dogs in the trailer, I told him that wasn't going to work. The guy in site 6 (who thought it was a 1300 move too) showed up and moved his rig and we moved in for 1 night.  The next day it was the same musical sites.  The people who had to move for us to move in were there for over a year. They had a few issues with their slides and it was almost 1300 until we got moved again.  This was happening all over  the campground and the people that were moving were essentially just trading spots. One guy was there for 3 nights and had 3 different sites.  One family was told they had to move and the spot they were in sat empty all night.  The next day, they were told they had no more sites and they had to go to the pier packing lot for the night and there were at least 2 empty sites all night. They next day, they were allowed to move back into the campground and into one of the sites that sat empty.  The office personnel were rude about the moving but they create this.  They need more training on how to schedule sites.  If you have any plans to go into DC and site see....forget it.  You have to wait to move and don't get done moving until 1300-1400 and the day is pretty much over.  They prices were high and are going up on Jul 1, 2016 to $50 all sites. The Wi-Fi is pretty much non exist. We were next to the tower in site 7 and really could get much connectivity.  They concrete pads are very un-level...both side to side and front to back...bring lots of leveling pads.  It is easy to get to and it is clean but not worth the price for the hassle.
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