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January 17, 2016
(Updated: February 20, 2016)
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We have camped here often. The much hyped Navy MWR GoWiFi over the past year has gone from poor, to bad to non-existent. MWR has had plenty of time to fix the system and have so far failed to do so. although it is the off season the campground appears unnecessarily shabby. If you come to visit and need internet service make arrangements with a commercial wifi service such as Verizon or a satellite service. Cheatham Annex has become an increasingly disappointing RVing experience. UPDATE: Initially when we arrived there was no Go-WiFi signal at our site which generated my earlier unfavorable review. I'm not going to "Walk Back" that review because when I asked about the lack of WiFi at the MWR office I was told (politely) that  MWR at Cheatham had no control over WiFi problems or availability. If I was having problems I needed to call Navy Go-WiFi Tech support (888-339-7150). My impression was MWR Cheatham had washed their hands of the park's WiFi system. Go-WiFi Tech support was very helpful and patient as we worked through the issue. It turned out there are two WiFi broadcast antennas at either end of the RV park. According to Tech Support they were both functioning normally. However, despite the fact our spot was only a couple of hundred feet from one of them the 5th wheeler in the adjacent slot was totally blocking the signal and the signal from the transponder at the other end of the park was too weak to log on. Recommended solution was to relocate. Instead I purchased a NEATGEAR high Gain WiFi antenna for my laptop. That improved the weaker signal and allowed me to log on. This is a long story but if you intend to camp at Cheatham and need reliable Go-WiFi try to get a site where you have line of sight to Bldg 599 (community center/laundry/showers.) The other WiFi broadcast appears to be located at the other end of the RV park near the dump station. 
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