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Winter/Summer 2015
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Well, the location and convenience of the campground is great due to coming back to this area every so often to visit my daughter, but things have not changed in the last 10 or so years that I have been coming here. The other good thing about this place is the campground boss (Destiny) and the camp hosts (Jennifer & her husband (I can't remember his name thou)), they are very friendly and when I arrived I plugged into the 30 AMP plug this last visit and guess what? Things weren't working so I went over to the camp host and he came over and tested the power pedestal and what did he find? The HOT and NEUTRAL were reversed which could really mess up an RV's electronics. How did this go on for so long without being figured out before I have no idea, but he re-wired it and presto... my RV power worked great! Things they can upgrade are: -laundry room only had 1 working washer/other 1 has been broken for a couple of weeks, -entrance and exit signs for the campground itself, -spot numbers up front (spot numbers are towards the back of the pad and in dark blue lettering on the grey power pedestal which makes it really hard to read at night for us older people! -and still the other issues as listed below. Below was from my previous visit to the campground over the winter (about 5 months ago) and I submitted it through the MWR ICE comments website (Interactive Customer Evaluation) and also to the BASE XO and guess what has changed.... NOT A DAMN THING!!! The overall MWR management seems to care less about this place (they care about the $$$ coming in is about it!) and it is apparent as there have been NO upgrades to this place in years! I did some math as you can see below and it is appalling the amount of money they rake in and that they have done nothing to upgrade the campground!! Someone needs to AUDIT the JEB-LCFS MWR!!!!! Where to start??? -We have had snow/ice on the roads in the campground now for 4 straight days! What is worse is when they cleared Helicopter Road, they pushed all the snow into the entrances/exits making it almost impossible to get in or out and making it for a very dangerous situation. BUT, JEBLCFS was sooooooo worried about the almighty dollar they had to clear the NEX parking lot, Gym, etc., oh wait, we pay money to stay here as well! -Speaking of the almighty dollar, how has this place NOT been upgraded since it was built? It seems MWR would rather spend money on condos on the beach front than improve existing places/structures! -In all the other MWR campgrounds I have stayed at, they have offered monthly rates and for far better campgrounds! The more REALISTIC monthly rate for this campground should be around the $525 to 550 range due to its outdated electrical, the bathhouse(which doesn't have a working HVAC system even when it is 50 degrees outside and 40 degrees inside), laundry room with only 2 washers and dryers(imagine the feasibility of that when there is a full campground in the summer with 100+ people staying here!!!) and no change machine or working soda machine, shared water(so when your neighbor uses water you lose water pressure(try this at your house and see how you like it!)), no community center, and water pooling after it rains in front of the 2 most used locations: the office & the dumpster. -The electrical service is paltry, there are only a couple 50amp service spots yet almost all newer mid-size and above RVs require 50amp service. Please upgrade ASAP! I have heard for the last 10+ years I have been visiting this place that "they will be upgrading the electrical this winter/summer/etc, but alas, still nothing! -The roads inside the campground are horrendous and needs patching/replacing all together. See previous comment about water pooling in front of office and dumpster. -I am sure you will complain about lack of money/PW is supposed to do maintenance, and point the finger at someone else, but look at how much money is brought into this place compared to what is spent on upgrading: Summer time average(3 months): 45 spots x $660/month x 3 months= $89,100. Plus 10 tent spots x $300 per month x 3 months= $9000 for a total summer income of $98,100. Fall/spring average(6 months): 33 spots x $660/month x 6 months= $130,680. Plus 7 tent spots x $300 per month x 6 months= $12,600 for a total fall/spring income of $143,280. Winter average(3 months): 25 spots x $660/month x 3 months= $49,500. Plus 5 tent spots x $300 per month x 3 months= $4500 for a total winter income of $54,000. That's an estimated average income of $295,380 per year!!! What is spent on upgrading this place??? Nothing that I have seen in the last 10+ years!! MWR pretty much needs to raze the whole campground and start fresh or build a whole new campground some other location on base! Sincerely, Ryan
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July 13, 2015
Ryan nailed it. We have been to the campground on/off for the last 3 years and every thing detailed above is absolutely true. For a minute I thought I was reading my own previous review. I could not agree more. The management is 'waiting' out their assignment hoping to out last the complaining campers maybe. This place is a total disappointment. No words are strong enough and sadly -- no one hears. The GS-14 in charge sends back emails and is tackful but nothing happens. Nothing. How could other Navy campgrounds figure it out and this one be so inept? The leadership does not care. If they did, something would be done.
September 23, 2018
In reply to an earlier comment

The answer is that it is no longer a "Navy Campground" look around at the Army administered Campgrounds and there is a lot in common with this one.
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