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14-27 Sep 2013
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This review is of the new B street campground. I was informed that the old campground by the golf course may be redone in the future. The old campground has nice wooded spots and decent views of the water, but there is no WIFI and little satellite reception there. The new campground has few shaded spots, but lots of young trees planted throughout that will provide nice shade in the future. The WIFI here is provided free, but it disconnects and freezes frequently. It has some kind of filtering on it so you can't use your WIFI-as-WAN router here. AT&T Cellular reception is poor to non-existent throughout the entire installation. You can make a phone call if you stand in the street, but it will disconnect eventually. The grounds are well maintained. There are quiet hours here, but the camp host does NOT enforce them. We had some partiers right behind us last weekend hootin' & hollerin' until midnight only two spots away from the camp host. Cheatham Annex itself doesn't consist of much... the main thing here is the NEX Express which is a convenience store and single pump station that actually sells diesel at a fair price. There is a laundromat there with four washers and driers that charges only $.75 each. In contrast, the washers at the campground charge $1.50 but they are front loaders. I prefer the less expensive ones for my family of four :) Fort Eustis is about 15 minutes down the highway and they have all the usual expectations of an installation (BX, commissary, library, etc...). Cleanliness/Hospitality was marked down due to the camp host trying to send us all the way back to the camp because we weren't on her list for our arrival day. We stopped on B street and called the office who told us to back and just park in the spot we were given when the reservation was made. After this, we never saw the host again. Amenities/Facilities marked down due to WIFI issues and lack of cellular reception (I know... it's not the campground fault.) This is a great place to stay to see Colonial Williamsburg! Remember to buy your tickets at Fort Eustis ITT!
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