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Virginia 172231
September 12, 2012
(Updated: September 13, 2012)
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Directions on the web takes one to the old RV park area with 19 sites. It does not mention that there are TWO RV areas. Make sure you know which area you are assigned to since both sites are numbered starting at #1. The new area (on B street) has 50 sites and was just opened this year and is very nice and big rig friendly. However, MANY of the sites are EXTREMELY unlevel, particularly the ones to the west side towards the water. I was going to set up in site 43, the only site with shade trees, but moved over to site 16 in the old RV area since site 43 was so unlevel that I couldn't level my coach (HR Neptune 2009 diesel pusher). The left rear wheel was off the ground about two inches and it looks like I would have needed blocks under BOTH rear jacks to put both wheels off the ground to level it. The site slants to the side better than 4+" and also to the rear. Several of the sites on the side seemed to be about the same. The ones in the center looked fairly level. The new RV site is on the end of B street with warehouses and a storage area for boats and RVs to one side and water and trees to the other. Very well laid out with nice a nice bath house. The only negative I saw was the unlevel concrete pads. Even a 5th wheel or TT would have some trouble getting level in some sites (9 years with a HR Presidential 36'). Diesel available on base and easy to get in and out with a big rig. The MWR admin office is on D street to check in.
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