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April 2012
(Updated: June 13, 2012)
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Arrived on a Sunday and obtained assigned space from display board at office. Assigned space was occupied so I took next available space since no host came out to greet us. My reservation was for 3 days but plans changed and I requested 2 additional days. The reply was unable to grant request due to a reservation for the space I was currently in, which I had no choice to be in anyway, but was informed that I could pick up everything and move to another spot for 1 day only. Not happy with that option I decided to leave on original time and go to another CG. My gripe is during my 3 days there I physically sighted numerous personnel in uniform and some not in uniform departing early for work daily. I thought this was a CG for recreation not housing. Maybe I should question this on ICE.
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June 25, 2012
This comment was not helpful to me:
1 - The OP listed a complaint when his plans changed
2 - Listed a complaint regarding seeing uniformed personnel leaving. Please note the MWR campgrounds are for Active, Reserve, and Retired US military use. I know many AD like myself who travel to their next duty assignment and stay in their RV while finding a home. We abide by the regulations of the CG for maximum stays, and make reservations. Please do not be so closed minded. I would think the military family would be more understanding.
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