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18 Dec 2011
(Updated: December 19, 2011)
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I was taking a day trip to Colonial Williamsburg and stopped by to check on the status of the new campsites. First, there is still no signage at "B" street to direct you to the new campground. The campsites are essentially complete and the bath-house/community center is complete with the exception of the laundry room. It still needs to be hooked-up, the appliances are still in the boxes. We were told that cable will be available in the sites too. A very nice facility that has been LEED rated. I've attached some pictures. We were in the camping area for about an hour and never saw security. The person I spoke to at the recreation center said that the decision to open the new section was still pending. He suspected that decision was based on a lack of MWR budget which has not been finalized because of the inaction in Washington. He also said the rates were going up to $25 a night for the RV sites. He told us that they were also implementing a new computer reservation system that would be linked to other Navy sites in the area. It was too new to see how well it worked. He said that they would be looking for a camp host once the new section opened. He mentioned that homesteading is being monitored very closely. I did notice that a longtime resident (2+ years) in the small loop at the older park was gone. Those sites are small, anything over 25 feet will be very tight getting in there. All said, this hidden gem will be a very popular spot for those wanting to check out the historical sites in the area. I know I'll keep checking on it.
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