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14 - 17 September 2011
(Updated: September 23, 2011)
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After being told over the phone that no vacancies existed for the whole month of September, we stopped by just to check out the facilities, and we were told that a spot had opened up. Our site was sufficiently large for my Class A motorhome and towed vehicle, pretty level, and clean. I would not have been as happy with a few spots, notably #21, because of considerable standing water on the site after a rain shower. The bathhouse was spacious and clean. There is no wi-fi or cable service, but we had good 3G cell service. We had full hookups, although our site had only 50 and 20 amp connections. My only beef with the facility was with apparent homesteaders who could do a much better job of policing their sites, and with one who apparently thought that parking his SUV right in front of the bathhouse instead of real parking spots just feet away was okay. Oh, and you take your life into your own hands as you exit the fam-camp onto Saunders Road. It's on a curve in the highway, and considerable vegetation interferes with your ability to see oncoming traffic in both directions. Regardless, I plan to stay there again whenever I visit Hampton.
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