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Virginia 100949
July 6-13, 2011
(Updated: July 31, 2011)
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This is a beautiful place to camp, but do not plan on sleeping in past 07:00 as some where close by they conducted rapid fire exercises starting at 7 am, then later in the morning the booms from ordinance being blown up shook the camper.....For some reason the TV reception sucked, it would be good at night then during the day it was non existent...from 5 bars to no bars just that quick....I do not know if it was something they were doing at the FBI or DEA academy or not. This is midway between DC and Richmond so turning the antenna did not help..... At night the silence was golden, coming in the Garrisonville gate one night the guard warned us to be on the look out for a bob cat that had been spotted on base.....sure enough the next night my wife and granddaughter saw it running along the lake shore behind our camper... One day I was scared half out of my wits by a raccoon that had gotten closed up in the dumpster and when I started to open the door he jumped at the door and hit it right by my face......... I guess cable tv would be just out of the question.... Getting into DC was not as easy as I had been led to believe... The Marine Corp Museum was awesome even for this salty dog....
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