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I have noticed that several people had some reservations about this campground. We found it to be really a nice place. If you are looking for a lot of amenities then you will be disappointed. The only restrooms are pit toilets and there are no camp showers. However, for scenic beauty and wide open spaces in the woods this is the place. The campsites are quite spread out around the Lunga Resevoir. Many of them are on little peninsulas sticking out into the lake. Wildlife abounds (deer, wild turkey, squirrels, water fowl and beaver are all there. The sunset yesterday afternoon was beautiful. We had reservations but the office was closed when we arrived (USMC Birthday). Never saw a campground manager, but did not need one. The campground is patrolled by military and FBI police (FBI Academy beside the campground). You feel like you are in the deep woods but I-95 is only seven miles away. If you go out the Garrisonville gate and turn left on Garrisonville Road, you will find yourself in a huge shopping area. The new USMC museum opens tomorrow at the next exit north on I-95. If want peace and quiet and close proximity to Washington, DC, Lunga Campground really fits the bill. If you need a lot of hand holding go north of DC to the Fort Meade campground. If your unit is self contained, stay at Quantico.
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