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Virginia 43529
April 10-17, 2011
(Updated: April 16, 2011)
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Arrived on a Sunday. Office is closed on the weekends, but sign in window told us our site number. Sites are well spaced, but as said before, all hookups located at the back of the site. Would have given a 5 in the cleanliness/hospitality, but when we checked in on Monday found the office staff stand offish and not very friendly...Someone could have at least cracked a smile....Pet walking is limited to way over on the other side of the office building...don't know of any dog that can wait to walk the length of a football field to pee....On the positive, beautiful views of the bay and ocean and the Dog Beach is great for the 4-legged the attitude is due to the fact that all services are being moved over to Ft. Eustis because of the closing of Ft. Monroe....What a waste as this post is well laid out...and the loss of Military History for the the Army is a shame....So, please, if you can do it, come visit and enjoy this historic fort before it closes. Campground to close August 15, 2011 and the Post September 15, 2011.
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