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Nov 13-18, 2009
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We arrived just after the Noreastern storm had passed. The only real problem we had was with the reservation system. I called a few days early and was told no SSN, No reservation! After a call to the office of the Director of MWR that problem went away. That office called the FAMCAMP office and told them to make my reservation without the SSN. I hope they can delete this requirement so I don't have to make that call again. The help at the FAMCAMP was very friendly and offered directions to downtown. No map of the Ft Eustis facilities was available at the FAMCAMP office? A local newspaper machine at the office would be a nice addition. No problem with parking our 5th wheel or with the hookups. The park road network was full of muddy potholes that a simple load of stone would fix. There is a terrific little BBQ restaurant next door to the FAMCAMP office with free WIFI 24/7 from their patio. Very nice facility but under used. The only road into or out of the campgrounds is closed during the week from 0630 to 0730 for PT.
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