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Virginia 100949
15 Aug - 26 Aug 2009
(Updated: August 24, 2009)
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I guess I don't understand why others rated it so highly. We obviously missed the "great staff" experience as the young girl that checked us in was discussing her personal life with a co-worker the whole time she waited on us. When I interrupted her to ask questions, she was friendly enough. We were in #2 in Cedar and it was one of the few campsites NOT on the lake. It was roomy enough but situated weird-we should have turned our trailer around to be facing the lake area. We enjoyed watching the plentiful deer in the area. The commissary and BX are nice sized. No diesel at the base gas station. Could only get a few stations with our antenna and they were worthless-either in another language or just plain weird. We heard big gun fire, but with the air conditioning running, we couldn't really hear it till we were outside the trailer. Hated having to do our laundry off base. DON'T make the mistake of going to the Taylor Coin Laundry that they mention in the brochure they give you at the office. There is no a/c and it's filthy and more washers/dryers DON'T work, than work. There was one street light outside our trailer but it never worked so it's pretty dark at night-I only mention this because someone noted that a streetlight annoyed them in their trailer at night. We have good "blackout" material in our bedroom area so that would never be a problem for us. They have a beautiful library on base and you can get a library card to check out up to 30 books and 5 DVDs for up to 30 days. The National USMC Museum is a MUST SEE! I don't know that we'll come back here, as Camp Meade in nearby MD is MUCH nicer.
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