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Virginia 91690
3-11 April 2009
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Very nice campground, but BOOM - BOOM - BOOM from 0730 until dark and I'm not talking about small arms fire. Big artillery or bomb detonations nearly every all day every day we were there. Of course it is a USMC base, but the blasts were so loud it shook the ground and our motorhome. Even the gents in the camp store (had just opened up on 10 April) commented how bad it was and that the blasts had even knocked pictures off their walls. We did see a lot of deer, several geese and a few small snakes and the kids even got a couple ticks to visit. Not much else animal-wise to look at since I'm sure the bomb blasts were far too frequent and loud and we didn't catch or see one fish caught all week. We were in Cedar 5 and it was a pretty nice site, but the configuration of most of the spots weren't very user friendly. We couldn't face the lake because the only way to get level put us too far from the utilities and we ended up using 60 feet of electrical cable and 30 feet of sewer hose. The electricity and water was on one side of the spot and the sewer was on the other side and required running the sewer hose under our MH to the other side of our spot quite a ways away. Also, the sewer is actually a septic tank and it overflowed our last day there. They check them every Monday, but by Saturday it was FULL! Other sites in the Cedar loop had electrical problems so I'm glad we just had a full septic tank. My recommendation would be to stay at Cedar 9 or 6 if available or to go to the Pine area that had a little flatter and paved spots. Cedar 9 had more privacy, Cedar 6 was pretty large and flat and other than noted above, the other downside of Cedar 5 was the access to the water is red mud. The campground and recreation areas were well maintained and very neat. We saw very little trash in the area, but some of the day visitors didn't clean up after their dogs. Not that it matters to my family, but FYI, there are no showers and all the toilets are out-houses. All-in-all a very nice campground and without the constant BOOOOOOMs we would have enjoyed it a lot more. A little different scenario from the previous post that got to wake up to the sounds of birds... I'm jealous.
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June 22, 2009
Since this "comment" feature is new I wanted to try it out.

We didn't get any of that last year. I wonder if there is a certain time of year that it is more prevalent.
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