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Virginia 120966
13-21 June 2008
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Just an update to say that things are still the same as previous reviews for Little Creek NAB. Narrow roads to get in, and all sites are back in, but all your new neighbors will come out and move their vehicles if necessary to help get you in. They will then want to invite you over for a beverage and to chat with you. It's your new neighborhood ... you won't want to leave anytime soon! This is a pretty busy campground. When you call Peggy, she'll tell you if you can get in or not. Just keep calling back to see if something opens up. She's not always there, so keep trying. Peggy and Jerry keep the campground spotless ... well groomed spaces, clean bathhouse and laundry. Top notch! The Exchange is one of the bigger ones I've seen. The comissary is fully stocked, and did you know there is a large Water Park on base? Attention Parents! For $5 per person, you can enjoy Gator Water Park, 11am to 5pm. I would come stay here just to go there once or twice during my visit. The playground in the campground is wonderful. And there is another playground on base across the street from the water park. And fishing in the lake there too. The driving range at the golf course has a covered-garage type canopy, however, the tee box is artificial turf. The base beach is only so-so, and getting anywhere else to go to another beach is a traffic-jam nightmare. So when driving off-base in the area, bring your patience and your favorite music!
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