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Virginia 120966
Nov '06 -- Oct '07 -- numerous visits of 14 - 60 d
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As an active-duty geo-bachelor who was experiencing numerous out-of-area deployments while headquartered at Little Creek I had numerous opportunities to stay here for varying lengths of time over the past year. Peg & Dick are the resident hosts and run a friendly and tight ship. The campground is unfailingly neat and clean. The shower area is small but always clean. The residents seem to typically be about 1/3 active-duty folks (like myself), 1/3 full-time RVers, 1/3 transients. Folks seem very helpful and look out for one another. As mentioned in one of the earlier reviews, the roads are narrow and the spots require backing in; however, folks seem to go out of there way to help by moving cars to make more maneuver room when needed. Base facilities are excellent with a very modern and well-stocked NEX & commissary. There is also an 18-hole golf course, CPO mess, & family swimming pool on base. As a central base of operations while in the Hamton Roads area for awhile you can't beat it. Call ahead to make sure there is a space (if there is, Peg or Dick will put an "occupied" sign out so it'll be waiting when you pull in). Max stays are 30-days in the summer & 60-days in winter. Peg & Dick will work with you if there are a number of vacancies when your time is up, otherwise you will have to move along for at least 7-days. (I went up the road to Fort Storey a few times.) Gate construction is now complete and the main gate number 5 is now open, gate 4 (near the Boone clinic) is now permanently closed, and gate 3 (which has the badge & pass office) is open and closest to the campground. Base security is pretty tight but professional and friendly in my experience. God bless America!
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