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Nov. 30, 2023
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0/5. I am writing this review with a heavy heart and a deep sense of disappointment after our recent experience with Bethal Camp RV Park. As an active duty military family, the last thing we needed was the kind of treatment and resolution we received from this establishment. Our journey with Bethal Camp RV Park started in September when we made a reservation for a long-term stay from December to March. In the spirit of planning, we even went the extra mile and added ourselves to the waitlist in case an earlier slot became available. Little did we know that this seemingly responsible act would lead to a nightmare. A few days before our intended arrival, we decided to scout the area and discuss which spot we would be allocated. To our surprise, the staff at Bethal Camp RV Park were equally surprised to see us. Why? Because, according to them, we had apparently canceled our reservation two weeks prior to our arrival. Imagine our shock, given that we had made no such cancellation. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Bethal Camp RV Park had randomly called a person, who had no knowledge of our long-term reservation, and that person unknowingly canceled our booking. To add insult to injury, the staff had the wrong phone number and even my last name was incorrectly recorded. Consequently, our spot was given away without any attempt to contact us directly. What's more concerning is the park's attempt to negate responsibility for their actions. Initially confirming that they indeed canceled our reservation, they later changed their stance, asserting that we were only on the waitlist and never had a reservation. This conflicting information only adds to the frustration and highlights a lack of transparency and accountability. While mistakes can happen in any business, it is the resolution that truly defines a company's professionalism. In our case, Bethal Camp RV Park fell woefully short. Despite their acknowledgment of the error, they only offered us a two-week stay at our own expense as compensation for their gross negligence. As active duty military personnel, we face numerous challenges and uncertainties on a daily basis. The least we expect from a campsite is reliability and professionalism, qualities sorely lacking at Bethal Camp RV Park. Their reliance on phone reservations and the apparent lack of attention to detail by their staff have proven to be a recipe for disaster. I write this review not out of spite but as a cautionary tale for other military families who may consider Bethal Camp RV Park. The stress and frustration we experienced are not something any family, especially those in the military, should have to endure. In conclusion, I strongly advise against using this campsite in the future, as their unreliability, unprofessionalism, and attempts to deflect responsibility cast a shadow over what should have been a simple and stress-free experience for our family.
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