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No availability due to active duty turning it into long term living/housing. Told by park rep that Big Navy trying to limit or even prevent retirees from using Navy RV parks nation wide. Creating stay limits that apply only to retirees. As typical the Navy still showing its dislike/hatred of military retirees. We can thank Navy Gateways for this. ---- 6/24/2023 Update: This is an update to my previous review a few weeks ago. I spoke to the manager at the RV Park. The reason it is mostly full with the active duty actually living there full time is due to the Mid-Atlantic Admiral's decision. He feels it it the active duties right to live there full time because Virginia Beach housing is tight. I did most of my career there and housing has always been tight. The Navy shut down their trailer parks because they were all eye sores. This RV park is now an eye sore. It is no longer a recreation facility. Most sites are over run by the full time accupants excess personal property like cargo trailers, etc. The manager has no options. The CNIC Admil's policy does not allow this full time living in the RV parks so the Mid-Atlantic Admiral is going against CNIC policy. The manager did say that CNIC has got involved due to complaints about a few differen Navy RV parks under the Mid-Atlantic Admiral's control. The current rules being followed hurt all MWR patrons active, reserve, and retired. Hopefully this problem will be corrected.
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