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September 1-8, 2022
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We really enjoyed this campground, the location is excellent. It's not very large but the basics (utilities & facilities) are all in good working order each time we have come. It's very shady with lots of tree cover, which does lead to a bit of a messy campsite with sandy soil and very little grass cover. The staff are friendly. Most of the issues aren't really with the campground, but with the adjoining Bethel Park. There were multiple loud parties at the park for the the holiday weekend, so it was not a quiet stay for us this time. The bigger issue was the traffic. Because of the parties there was a constant flow of cars in and out of the campground going way too fast. Once the holiday parties had cleared out we were disappointed to find that the fishing pier and boat docks are all boarded up. Some of the playground equipment is damaged also (though the playground at the campground is pristine). The final issue was the dogs. Many locals seem to think the field next to the paintball course is a dog off leash park, so you risk running across loose dogs and their leavings if you venture past the campground into Bethel Park. We really like this campground, but it could be much more enjoyable if the same care that goes into the campground half could be put into the park.
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