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September 2021
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If you know anything about the Virginia Beach area, you would know that this is about as good a location as it gets. I mean, it will take you about seven minutes to get to the boardwalk. It is that close. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1- The feel of the campground, especially its topography is exactly what you would find anywhere in the Virginia Beach area. There is basically no grass in the campground area because, well, you would normally not find grass in these area. 2- Sandspurs are everywhere and they are natural to the area. If you have pets, you will likely find yourself removing many of then from your pat during your stay. 3- The campground enjoys almost 100% shade which, let me tell you, is a beautiful thing during the summer months. The only problem with this comes about if you have Satellite Tv on your rig. You will not get a signal. 4- Cell phone signal is horrendous on the campground yet this is not a unique challenge here. If you stay at First Landing State Park, which borders Fort Story to the west, you will have the exact same challenge. Now to the Campground: Great campground and it is relatively well maintained. The checking building, which was logical and practically placed at the Campground entrance was moved about a mile and a half down the road. If you are arriving late, look at the board near the entrance where you will find a list of arrivals for that night along with your camp site assignment. WiFi exists, two options in fact, neither of which works. In talking to fellow campers that visit regularly, they do not remember a year or any time when the WiFi has worked. Don't count on having it. We have two 5G hotspots, one of which we regularly get speeds between 100-200Mbps (T-Mobile), could not get a signal, even though I place then in a telescopic antenna that is 35 feet high! The check-in building is a very nice facility with a pool table, board games, a library and 10-15 stations for gamers. While I am not a gamer, it was something that stood out as pretty darn cool. One of those stations was a virtual reality console along with a gigantic TV for people to watch what the player sees. If you are planning on riding a motorcycle... You know the deal, you are expected to wear all your safety gear which is a real drag. We stayed at Camp Lejeune in July for two weeks and that was not a requirement. Here it is, you've been warned! Lastly, it may have been a bad day to check-in, I really do not know but I have to say this: people that lack the skillset to handle interactions with the public should never be placed in positions where they must interact with customers, active military and veterans in this case. Let's just say that the check-in process is unlikely to win any customer service awards if what we experienced is the norm because it left a lot to de desired.
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