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Virginia 69395
July 28 to Aug 4th, 2021
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Somewhat over rated in our opinion. Certainly the most expensive military RV park on our cross-country trip. Outdoor Rec closed at 3 p.m. and we arrived to check in just after. There was nothing for us in the late arrivals bin so thank goodness I met a maintenance guy just leaving work who helped me because our site had changed from the info in the confirmation. The gate access in and out is a nice touch. But their one rental cabin is right inside the gate and it looks like it maybe once was the park office until they decided to rent it out. Was a sign on door to not disturb because I bet many have tried to do so. Single biggest complaint is it's nigh on impossible to get level. The RV park is built on a hill side, presumably to give as many sites as possible a nice view of the Potomac, but we think most RVers would rather be level. Talked to several folks who also couldn't get level. Modern laundry/rest rooms but had to reason to enter so cannot comment on these. Good services on post and just the place to explore Mount Vernon as well as the US Museum of the Army.
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