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12 - 16 July, 2021
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Not much has changed since JimUSMC reviewed the park with some exceptions. Our reservations paperwork said site #4 was ours but we couldn't determine any site numbers because the small signs are covered by black paint obscurring the little site numbers. So odd. It's like they don't want people to know which site is which. So before just taking one, I drove our tow car down the street to MWR in Bldg 24 and found NO ONE despite wandering all over inside...could not believe the lax security. Called the RV park phone number and we were met back at the park about 10 minutes later. The nice fellow didn't even have our reservation due to employee no longer there (reservation made one year before arrival and confirmation received by email about 8 months later). He gave us pull through Site #6 which turned out to be sloped; after 1 1/2 hours of trying to get level in the 95 degree Virginia heat and humidity we gave up. Sure could have used a bathhouse with showers. But we got our sightseeing done and the large Exchange and Commissary at Fort Lee are only about 30 minutes away.
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