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Virginia 172231
September 24 - October 1, 2019
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I love it here. And yes it does deserve the Rating I gave it. The Mrs. and I carry a modem to upgrade our WIFI and cellphone service and have never had a problem with any such receptions I have seen posted herein. My wild life upgrade is that I and my puppy had to leave the RV at around 0315 so he could do his thing and came across a beautiful skunk in the campground. My pup wanted to get a hold of that creature and I had a good hold of his lease and pulling him back and away from the area. The skunk was holding his ground. Wild life all over the place to enjoy watching, but in this case at a distance. I used to say this was the best kept secret in the Navy, but not any longer. When we arrived it was fairly loaded with RVers and around 20 of them departed in a few days, just prior to us leaving at the end of the week it started to fill again. Just a suggestion, make your reservations there, whenever you have your RVing agenda established. As always, we will return to the best Naval MWR facility for RVs, campers, and those that like to just rent cabins on the East Coast, if not the USA.
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