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March 28-30, 2019
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As this is primarily an RV park with cabins, and tent camping is a distant third offering, there are not many tent camping reviews. I am writing this review for any future tent campers to benefit from our experience. First, always book the "primitive" sites over by the RV park. Stay away from the w/e sites as they are rundown, tightly spaced, and oddly located right across from one of the golf holes. We wouldn't even camp there for free, much less the $20 they charge. But the "primitive" sites? So much better! I put word in quotations because there is nothing primitive about them, except for lack of electric hookup. But you have access to a potable water spigot and the restrooms are very nice (no showers that I saw.) We were at site 6 and it was spacious and level. No issue putting up two tents and a camp kitchen. And because this place is a well-kept secret, we had no other campers around us and we could be very *liberal* with our camp boundaries. Plenty of fallen wood on the ground for fires, we never lacked for any suitable firewood. Bring a hatchet for some of the larger fallen branches. Only a few cons that we found: 1. The streetlights are annoying while you're trying to sleep. If you must have pitch black, bring a tarp to put over your tent to block the light. There is really no way to situate your tent to not be exposed to a light. There is one about every 15 feet. 2. This is not a quiet experience. You're right by cabins and rv-ers who may be looking to party it up for the weekend. We didn't mind, but if you're looking for a truly primitive, remote getaway - this aint it. 3. Not a lot to do. We followed a trail and walked about a mile to the NEX mini-mart. We went to the fishing hole. We found a scenic spot. Other than that, expect to hang out at camp a lot. Nothing wrong with that, just be aware. Would we go back? Absolutely! Already planning a return trip. Great price, good location that hasn't been overrun. If you want to tent camp but don't want to be cut off from civilization, this is your spot.
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April 02, 2019
I've used my RV many times at Kings Creek. Love it. The last time there, each of the Restrooms had cypher locks on the doors. The code was provided by the teller when you checked in. The restrooms are like the ones you would have in your home. Sink, commode, and shower. Hot water, plenty of hot water. Also, there is a period of required silence around 2200 to 0600 hours. Area usually patrolled by Master-at-Arms or other military police personnel. Then just like about most commands colors twice a day. It is indeed one of the Navy's best kept secret. Love the place. Mosquitos come out in hordes in the heat of the Summer. Good bug juice is a must.
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